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Within twelve weeks, Roundtable edited, designed, supervised the photography of 60 new recipes, completed the prepress scanning and proofing, and delivered print-ready PDF files for two separate editions of this all new full-color Atkins cookbook. Together, the 160-page softcover—ATKINS BEST RECIPES—and the 176-page jacketed hardcover—ATKINS: THE COMPLETE COOKBOOK, which includes a special chapter for entertaining—feature more than 200 recipes, 80 luscious color photographs, and a clean, vibrant design. Both books were meticulously edited and prepared with ease of use in mind on a demanding schedule, reflecting Roundtable's signature commitment to high-quality commercial bookmaking under pressure.

Time Inc. Home Entertainment, 2003
by the Editors of Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.
160 pages (sc), 8" x 10.875"
176 pages (jacketed hc), 8" x 10.875"



  Roundtable produced Sunset's COMPLETE BOOK OF LOW-FAT COOKING in just 90 days, sorting and styling over 500 recipes, providing nutritional analyses, and designing and laying out a handsome book with 100 photographs and dozens of evocative watercolor illustrations.

Sunset, 1996
by the editors of Sunset Books
432 pages, 8.25" x 10.875"



  This charming cookbook presents 100 of the most-asked-for recipes from Walt Disney World® Resort's finest restaurants, as well as new recipes from Disney chefs. The book unfolds into a freestanding easel for easier reading and freer hands.
Hyperion, 1998
by Pam Brandon
Slip-cased, spiral-bound easel, 176 pages, 5.75" x 6"

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  This lavish cookbook with more than 600 recipes, is the launch title in the Family Circle® book series. In addition to engineering the book with a four-over-two color design, Roundtable orchestrated a first-time collaboration between a consumer magazine, trade book publisher, book club, and direct mail operation--all separate divisions of the Bertelsmann publishing empire. Meeting the editorial, design, production, and budgetary wishes of each division was a challenge with ample rewards: a 165,000-copy first printing.

Doubleday/Doubleday Direct/Random House Direct, 1999
by the editors of Family Circle®
512 pages, 8" x 10"



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  Following the success of Roundtable's bestselling FAMILY CIRCLE ALL-TIME FAVORITE RECIPES, the editors of Family Circle share more than 200 of their most popular desserts for every occasion. Thoroughly perfected in state-of-the-art test kitchens, the recipes in BEST-EVER CAKES & COOKIES offer a host of new ideas for memorable occasions as well as the ultimate recipes for old-fashioned classics. Whether its cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, fruit desserts, sweet breads, or creamy treats, BEST-EVER CAKES & COOKIES puts spectacular results at every cook's fingertips. And with 75 tantalizing four-color photographs and step-by-step photographs, BEST-EVER CAKES & COOKIES is almost good enough to eat!

Broadway Books, 2001
by the editors of Family Circle®
240 pages, 8" x 10"



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  Especially created for the direct mail division of Random House, this handsomely photographed and designed title collects the best recipes from the pages of Family Circle magazine in 2001. Each recipe has passed the rigorous testing of the Family Circle Test Kitchen and bears the stamp of approval of the magazine's food editors. GOOD FOOD 2001 is full of dishes that taste great, can be prepared in simple and straightforward steps, and use ingredients that are readily available and affordable. In its pages, you'll find sensational stir-fries (Stir Fried Shrimp with Honey Walnuts), terrific grilling options (Basil Grilled Salmon), party-perfect starters (Warm Cheddar-Thyme Vidalia Dip), and delicious desserts (Raspberry-Swirl Lemon Bars).

Random House Direct, 2001
by the editors of Family Circle®
240 pages, 8" x 10"



For our second FAMILY CIRCLE® cookbook, Roundtable edited and styled over 300 tasty, easy-to-make dishes and categorized and identified each recipe by an icon--such as 5-Ingredients or Less or 30 Minutes Max--to make meal planning and prep even easier for busy cooks.

Broadway/Doubleday Direct/Random House Direct, 2000
by the editors of Family Circle®
240 pages, 8" x 10"


When Harper & Row needed to follow up their hugely successful books by "Slim Gourmet" Barbara Gibbons, they came to Roundtable. We developed and manufactured two cookbooks with this popular columnist: LIGHT & EASY and LIGHT & SPICY each feature more than 350 low-calorie recipes, plus attractive four-color inserts, tables, sidebars, and charts that provide more detailed information on processes, techniques, and ingredients.

Light & Easy
Harper & Row, 1989
by Barbara Gibbons
144 pages, 8.5" x 11'

Light & Spicy
Harper & Row, 1989
by Barbara Gibbons
160 pages, 8.5" x 11"

  THE SUGAR REEF CARIBBEAN COOKBOOK, from the chefs of the old East Village hot spot, was one of Roundtable's first cookbooks, designed with original line art in two bright Caribbean colors. The restaurant closed years ago, but the book is still in print.

McGraw Hill/ Dell, 1989
by Devra Dedeaux
224 pages, 8" x 8"



  WEEKDAYS ARE QUICK MEALS is part of a series of Time-Life cookbooks designed for easy use every day. Roundtable selected, organized, edited, and designed over 100 recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

Time-Life Books, 1996
128 pages, 7" x 9"


  THE WOMAN'S DAY® COOKBOOK is one of the first of Roundtable's co-ventures with The Stonesong Press under the name Round Stone Press, Inc. Along with the editors of Woman's Day® Magazine, Roundtable selected over 700 recipes accompanied by nutritional information and calorie counts, cooking advice, serving ideas, and gorgeous color photos. Extensively cross-referenced, the recipes and tips make cooking faster and easier. This very successful title was a featured selection of the Doubleday Direct Book Club.

Viking, 1995
by the editors of Woman's Day®
and Kathy Farrell-Kingsley
720 pages, 7.25" x 9"


  WOMAN'S DAY® DESSERTS features over 300 luscious dessert recipes and 60 full-color photographs selected with the editors of Woman's Day® from the magazine's archives. This follow-up cookbook was also produced in conjunction with Round Stone Press.

Viking, 1997
by the editors of Woman's Day®
and Kathy Farrell-Kingsley
352 pages, 7.75" x 10"


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