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  The prints of the renowned artist John Seerey-Lester are widely sold by Mill Pond Press, the leading publisher of limited edition art prints. Roundtable produced a lavish book for Mill Pond, FACE TO FACE WITH NATURE, featuring 130 paintings and sketches as a celebration of the wildlife painter's work.
Mill Pond Press, 1991
Foreword by Roger Caras
216 pages, 10" x 11"

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Nickelodeon sent a team of filmmakers and photographers all around the world to record children's thoughts about the future for their Nickellennium project---24 hours of TV programming aired on January 1, 2000. In May of 1999, they realized that a companion book might make an appropriate corporate holiday gift: THE FUTURE ACCORDING TO KIDS was born. We culled quotations from 6000 pages of transcripts to accompany the 200 extraordinary photographs we selected for inclusion in this elegantly designed tribute to kids, which was delivered in time for a holiday mailing.

Nickelodeon Books, 1999
Principal photography by Valerie Shaff
228 pages, 10" x 10"

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  In a lavish celebration of the restoration and reopening of Broadway's most spectacular theatre, this unusually packaged book takes a detailed look at the history and the future of a New York City landmark. The book won two major awards: one for its contribution to the history of American theatre and the other for excellence in production and design.

Hyperion, 1997
by Mary C. Henderson; Foreword by Hugh Hardy
192 pages, 10.75" x 11.25"




The Chairman of the Board of USAA, one of the largest insurance companies in America, approached Susan E. Meyer to write the text for a fully illustrated poster book, NORMAN ROCKWELL'S WORLD WAR II, as an adjunct to their traveling exhibition of Rockwell's war-related paintings. Susan contributed the text and Roundtable produced 60,000 copies as an 11" x 15" paperback.

USAA Insurance Company, 1991
by Susan E. Meyer; Foreword by Robert F. McDermott
96 pages, 11" x 15"



Completely revised, redesigned, edited, and manufactured by Roundtable, THE PARAMOUNT STORY was produced on a breakneck schedule to coincide with Paramount Pictures' ninetieth anniversary celebrations. In just four and a half months—from initial conversation with the publisher to the delivery of finished books—Roundtable crafted this gorgeous 432-page, four-color commemoration, which incorporates more than 2,000 images documenting every film produced by Paramount in its ninety year history.

Simon & Schuster, 2002
by John Douglas Eames with additional text by Robert Abele
432 pages, 9" x 12"



For one of its first projects, QVC Publishing asked Roundtable Press to create a book for their on-air celebrity hairstylist, Nick Chavez. For this lavish four-color book, Roundtable produced photographs and art-directed 50 how-to illustrations. The result: PERFECT HAIR EVERY DAY, a stunning book that really shows women how to duplicate salon-perfect styles at home.

QVC Publishing, 2000
by Nick Chavez
192 pages, 10" x 10"


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THE PRODUCERS is a showcase of Roundtable's collaborative capabilities and can-do spirit. In less than five months—from initial conversation with the publisher to the day finished books hit bookstore shelves in time for the 2001 Christmas shopping season—Roundtable edited, designed, and manufactured this 224-page, four-color extravaganza featuring more than 200 full-color photographs and illustrations. Mel Brooks and writing partner Tom Meehan's account of the musical's road to Broadway includes photos (in some cases provided by cast members) from different phases in the show's development. And the complete book and score of THE PRODUCERS is accompanied by Mr. Brooks' often hilarious annotations explaining the origins of various scenes, lines, and lyrics.

Talk Miramax Books, 2001
by Mel Brooks and Tom Meehan
224 pages, 9" x 10.875"



  When Mobil Oil wanted a book to give its employees, retirees, and new recruits around the world, the corporate giant turned to Roundtable Press. The result was THE STORY OF ENGINEERING AT MOBIL, a custom publication featuring the company's greatest contributions to the petroleum industry.

Mobil, 1989
by Alan E. Rogers
160 pages, 8.5" x 11"


Tulane University Press, 1989
by May H. Lesser
192 pages, 9" x 11"

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